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The original Quake receives a “Brutal” treatment thanks to this brand new mod

Brutal Doom is a mod that influenced id Software while creating the latest DOOM game, and has spanned multiple similar mods for other games. There was a Brutal Duke Nukem under development, and today DaisyFlower released Brutal Quake. Titled as Qore – catchy name – this mod aims to be the “Brutal” mod for Quake.

This mod aims features decapitations, fleshwounds, general dismemberment, and new combat abilities for the Ranger. Naturally, it also adds lots of blood, guts, as well as bits and pieces.

This mod requires Darkplaces (you can download it from here). Those interested can download Brutal Quake (or Qore if you prefer) from here.

DaisyFlower has also released a video, showcasing the key features of Qore. Now contrary to Doom, Quake already had excessive levels of violence and blood. As such, this mod is not as ground-breaking as the one for Doom. Still, we can easily notice some additional animations and some more effects.

But anyway, we are certain that Quake fans will find this interesting.