Old School Rally feature

Old School Rally is a new racing game with PSX 32-bit graphics, created by a solo developer, that will immediately remind you of the classic Colin McRae Rally

Old-school rally fans, here is something really special for you today. Frozen Lake Games, a solo gaming studio, has announced Old School Rally; a new rally racing game that has 32-bit retro graphics.

Old School Rally will immediately remind you of the classic Colin McRae Rally game that came out on PC and PlayStation in 1998. Or at least that’s the first rally game that came to my mind when I watched its trailer.

Everything feels like the 90s in this game. The cars, the graphics, the stages. This is a must-have for all old-school rally fans out there.

Now I don’t know how many of you miss those 32-bit rally days. Personally, I prefer this type of rally game to the open-world racing games we’ve been getting lately. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Test Drive Unlimited when it came out. However, developers solely focused on creating open-world games and as a result of that, we lost all the classic rally games.

Frozen Lake Games plans to release Old School Rally in 2024, although there is no exact release date yet. The game will first hit Early Access, and it will remain there for 6-10 months. The Early Access version will offer players a robust experience with numerous cars and tracks to enjoy and various modes including Rally mode and Time Trial mode.

Since I’m not a fan of Early Access games, so I might have to wait until – and if – Old School Rally fully releases. I get why Frozen Lake Games wants to release it in Early Access. After all, this is the creation of a solo developer.

A lot of players have been asking for more casual/old-school rally games. And a lot have been asking for more arcade SEGA “blue-sky” racing games. So, here is one of them. And, from the trailer, it seems to have solid driving mechanics. So, I really hope this old-school rally game will find an audience.

Enjoy the following gameplay trailer and stay tuned for more!

Old School Rally | Official Trailer