Odallus: The Dark Call Is A “Castlevania + Actraiser” Inspired Title, Releases In 2014

Odallus The Dark Call
NeoGAF’s member ‘OnPoint’ has spotted a cool retro 2D indie title that is inspired by Castlevania, Actraiser, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins and Demon’s Crest. According to its description, ‘Odallus is a NES inspired exploration game with lots of action’ and ‘it will be divided in stages, but there is no one-way-only in Odallus and levels have many paths, including to other levels.
Odallus: The Dark Call is currently planned for a mid-2014 release, however there is already a demo for you to try.
And while the demo is being downloaded, make sure to also watch the game’s trailer below.