NOGALIOUS is a new 8-bit 2D adventure game that is coming to the PC on July 31st

LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS has announced that NOGALIOUS is coming to Steam on July 31st. NOGALIOUS is a retro-style action platformer that pays homage to the era of classic 2D platforming on 8-bit personal computers.

Players will explore 5 different worlds and go through cozy dungeons as they revive the magic of the late-eighties. This is the first title of a trilogy that tells the story of Nogalious, his daughter Mariet, and the evil Darama.

NOGALIOUS was funded from Kickstarter with a total of 246 backers. Since it’s release back in June, the game has become a legend among avid fans of classic gaming, which have ordered thousands of discs, cassette tapes and cartridges for their original systems.