No Man’s Sky NEXT Fantastic Beasts mod introduces really gigantic, dinosaur-like creatures

Remember that dinosaur-like creature that was featured in one of No Man’s Sky trailers prior to its release? You know, like the one featured in the header image. I’m pretty sure that most of you were disappointed by the absence of such creatures in the final game, right? Well, not anymore as a new mod was released that introduces really gigantic creatures to No Man’s Sky NEXT.

Created by modder ‘Redmas’, the Fantastic Beasts mod for No Man’s Sky NEXT changes Creatures’ size, numbers and behaviors. As such, PC gamers can now witness gigantic creatures, similar to those that were advertised by Hello Games.

Thanks to this mod, there are various creature sizes readjustments, flying lizards are bigger now and go grab preys on the ground, birds are bigger and they can fly closer to the ground, the Flying Snake is bigger and slower, there are massive sharks, whales and trex, and there are more creatures encounters than in the vanilla version.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Have fun!