Next No Man’s Sky update will bring PVP, dogfights and proper multiplayer support

In the third episode of “Inside Xbox”, Sean Murray revealed that No Man’s Sky will receive proper multiplayer support. This multiplayer update, called No Man’s Sky NEXT, will come out on July 24th.

According to Murray, this update will bring PVP support, will feature dogfights, shared base building, races, team-based multiplayer or randomly encounters with other players.

No Man’s Sky was criticized by a lot of players as it did not contain what Hello Games advertised prior to its release. Since then, the team has been trying to fix and re-implement most of its advertised features.

It’s pretty obvious that the game got released prematurely. No Man’s Sky came out in 2016 and it appears that it will finally become what was originally visioned to be after two whole years.

Stay tuned for more!