New TimeSplitters Title Might Come As A CryEngine Mod, Will Be Supported By Crytek

A while back, a petition was launched for TimeSplitters 4. The purpose of that petition was to show to Crytek that there was an interest for a new TimeSplitters game. Although the petition has not reached its initial goal of 300K signs, Crytek is willing to support a TimeSplitters game, created exclusively via CryEngine 3 as a mod.
The good news is that PC gamers will enjoy a shooter that was previously available only on consoles. The bad news – for console fans – is that the CryEngine 3 mod will most probably won’t hit their platforms, meaning that they’ll have to either get the PC version of Crysis 2 or 3 (provided the later supports mods and total conversions).
As said, Crytek will support this CryEngine 3 mod, and might let users use assets from the original game.
As FB page of the petition suggested:
“I┬áhave just had word from Crytek that they are going to permit and support a TimeSplitters CryEngine mod. I am now looking for modders that can handle the CryEngine. If i manage to get a group together, then they may let us use assets from the original TimeSplitters game! so the idea is to build a TimeSplitters all-in-one. All the levels, all the characters and all the weapons.”
Let’s now hope that the guy behind the petition will be able to gather a group of modders!