New SOL: Exodus Update comes with adjustable FOV and new difficulty levels

Seamless Entertainment has released a new update for their action space shooter that is powered by the Unreal engine, SOL: Exodus. This new patch comes with adjustable FOV, new difficulty levels, collision damage to ships and environment, as well as various bug fixes, balance changes and improvements. This update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its changelog below. Enjoy!
SOL: Exodus Update Changelog:
* Added Cockpit View. Now defaults to on.
* Added Difficulty Levels.
* Added In-Mission Checkpoints.
* Added Collision damage to ships and environment
* Added Game Settings menu with miscellaneous options including:
— Difficulty Level
— Use Virtual Mouse Joystick Mode
— Cockpit View Toggle
— FOV adjustment
— FOV constraint selection
— Hide Lead Indicator Option
* Various bug fixes, balance changes and improvements