New Skyrim 1.5 Patch will add kill cams to ranged combat and magic

Bethesda revealed something interesting in their blog a few hours ago. Remember those cool kill cams that were showcased in Skyrim Jam? Well, according to a post about the new version of Skyrim Beta Patch, kill cams will be added to ranged combat and magic. Bethesda went ahead and disabled the post, obviously because the update is not yet available on Steam. Or perhaps they posted this information too soon? Either way, we got a first look at what is coming, so keep reading.
According to Bethesda, this new patch will address a number of bugs. Moreover, the company is now using title updates as an opportunity to add new features to the game. And as we said and above, players will be able to enjoy all-new kill cameras, including ones specific to ranged combat and magic.
Could this possibly mean that more features that were present in the Skyrim Jam video would be coming to the game? Riding Dragons Bethesda. Forget the kill cams and give us the ability to ride a dragon. Oh boy, we can’t wait to see what they company has in store for us.
There is no ETA yet for Skyrim 1.5, but stay tuned for more!
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