New Skullgirls PC Details – Priced at 15$, no GFWL, future cross-play support between PC and PS3

The PC version of Skullgirls was announced yesterday and the team behind it has decided to share some new information about it. So, good news PC gamers as the game won’t be using GFWL. That’s really exciting, right? Well, not as excited as what you are about to read; Autumn Games plans to enable cross-play between the PS3 and the PC versions in the near future. Oh yeah, you read that right. The developers are looking into enabling cross-platform functionality via a future patch and that’s one of the reasons why the PC version won’t be using GFWL. Bloody awesome.
As the team tweeted via the game’s official Twitter account:
“We hope to have PS3/PC cross-platform play implemented a few months after the PC version is released… so definitely not GFWL.”
In other news, the game will be priced at 15$. And as for its release date, the company said that they are only just getting started on it, therefore they don’t have a firm date yet. But the game would probably hit PC by the end of Summer.