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New Resident Evil 3 Remake details surface, Nemesis can now break the “Safe Room” rule [UPDATE]


Capcom has stated that safe rooms will be… safe in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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OXM has revealed some new details about the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3. The magazine confirmed the presence of spiders in the game, as well as the fact that Nemesis can now break the “Safe Room” rule.

Now before continuing, do note that some of the following details contain spoilers. As such, we strongly suggest avoiding them if you want to experience the entire game yourselves.

According to OXM, Capcom used Mr. X as a way to gather some feedback on Nemesis. However, Capcom’s ultimate goal was to make Nemesis a more terrifying and tense foe than Mr. X in nearly every way.

Capcom has also worked a lot on AI for this title in general. As such, monsters will react more to the environment and situations, and sometimes they may work together.

Below you can find all of the new details about Resident Evil 3 Remake that surfaced via OXM.

  • It is confirmed Nemesis is the first monster in Resident Evil history to break the “Safe Room” rule. If he’s chasing you, he can break into safe rooms.
  • The devs kinda’ used Mr. X as a way to gather some feedback on Nemesis. Their goal, though, was to make Nemesis a more terrifying and tense foe than Mr. X in nearly every way.
  • There’s some unexpected environmental pauses to be had in RE3… Like the classic red explosive barrel. Do you use it immediately on some zombies right now, or save it for later to be able to use it as a mighty blow against Nemesis?
  • Nemesis the first time you drop him after a major story moment can drop rare items for you to pick up from wherever you down him at.
  • The dodge mechanic has some context-sensitive actions Jill can do if you pull off a perfect dodge against specific types of attacks. One example is Jill does a unique animation if you perfect dodge one of Nemesis’ tentacles.
  • There are certain areas the game is kinder and will give excuse why Nemmy can’t follow and give you a breather. However, one of the main goals of the remake was to make him a rather consistent threat. Not always chasing you but the possibility he could chase you there stays true.
  • They’ve designed Nemesis AI with actually not being relentless, if he’s always chasing you that’d get tiring fast. His AI works to dynamically sorta’ direction his moves, and give the player breathing room as well.
  • Capcom have worked a lot on AI for this title in general. Monsters react more to the environment and situations, and they can work together. Zombies behave differently whether they’re alone or if there’re several zombies around and they’re in a group.
  • Grave Digger will be in the game. Hints there’s some Tremors-inspired sequences with it, and you can shoot and toss grenades down its throat.
  • Spiders will be in the game! They have a tendency to scuttle all over the place, sometimes towards or away from you, or drop on you from the ceiling. (Also confirm Drain Deimos and Spiders are separate enemies in RE3 and behave differently.)
  • Capcom confirmed that Hunter Beta’s will be in the game as well.
  • Say Raccoon City is a LOT bigger than it’s been previously. They designed a lot of the city. It’s not open world but they designed it so you can explore quite a few streets and even stores and buildings of the town. There will also be multiple paths through the city to take.
  • Jill can unlock more pathways in the Subway System to new parts of the city as a form of fast travel. As you get further in the city, the Subway becomes kinda’ your hub to connect all the different parts of town.
  • There’s a lot more side stuff you can do than RE2 or the original game. Often times, there’s optional back-tracking the game gives you… You have a code to unlock a weapon tack in another part of town now, but do you want to trek through the city and risk facing enemies you left, or worse, Nemesis showing up while you do so? There’s a lot of optional distractions, route planning and risk and reward going on here.
  • Carlos is playable and has more playable sequences, but he doesn’t have his own campaign. He also may show up as you go through the city as he’s around looking for survivors as well. They put a lot of focus on making Carlos rough around the edges, but reliable and likable.
  • Capcom confirmed that if you walk through grime or under a running pipe in the sewers, the grime does stick to you for a bit before dissipating.
  • Sound design has been a big focus and fully supports surround sound systems. Capcom did a lot to make everything “sound” right with a city going into chaos.
  • There’s a slight hint that there may be a couple new monsters in RE3 that weren’t in the original, but you’ll have to wait to see.
  • The team focused on having one consistent story rather than different ways events can go down. That said, they did a lot to make the story have more depth and stand-out. They say the story fleshes out Jill, Nemesis, and the UBSC a lot more than the original did. This is a classic story of Jill vs Nemesis. Both of them have history and reason to be struggling against one another. The game will fully explore this rivalry. Hint we’ll dive a lot more into Jill’s character, and Nemesis as a monster. They hope people will like what they’ve done and added to the story.
  • You may notice “a few things” when you go through the game regarding returning locations or stuff from RE2. This game takes place a day before and a day after RE2. Thus, you may also see some before and after things.
  • The team hopes Resident Evil fans will the reimagined Raccoon City interesting. It’s an iconic location for the series and they really wanted to get it right.
  • OXM say what they’ve played so far is “extraordinary”. If the rest of the game can keep up the quality of the 2-3 hours they played, it’s going to become a classic Resident Evil game.

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