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New Monster Hunter World patch adds new and proper PC mouse camera controls

Capcom has released a brand new update for the PC version of Monster Hunter World that adds new mouse camera controls. According to the team, the new control type is in line with the control standards for most PC games and to change the controls, players will have to open up the in-game Start Menu, go to Options, and select the Controls tab.

Those who also wish to adjust the mouse sensitivity will be able to do so by going to the same Options menu, and select the Camera tab.

Furthermore, this latest patch changes the location for Event Quest Relish the Moment to Elder’s Recess in order to improve playability. As the development team claimed, the only thing that was changes was the location and no changes have been made to the various requirements for this quest.

This PC patch for Monster Hunter World will be auto-downloaded from Steam the next time you launch its client. The latest version of the game is revision number 153524 and you can verify the version number in the top-left corner when you launch the game in windowed mode.