New Hints About Just Cause 3, Coming To Next-Generation Platforms In 2015

Just Cause 2
We already know that Avalanche Studios is working on three triple-A games. In fact, this information was revealed last February. Thankfully though, almost a year afterwards, we can share some new hints about the rumored third part of this explosive open-world franchise. According to the LinkedIn profile of Avalanche head Christofer Sundberg, Avalanche is working on an Unannounced Sandbox Action Game that is said to be a new installment in a very well-known game series.
This Unannounced Sandbox Action Game will be released from Square Enix and is planned for completion in June 2015. What worries us, though, is that only next-generation consoles are being list under this project. Could this mean that Avalanche is working on something new, exclusively for consoles, or that it will be ported to the PC at a later date?
Christofer’s profile also revealed the second triple-A game that Avalanche is working on. This second title is an Open-World Action Game and will be Avalanche’s first licensed game, developed based on a well-known movie license. The game¬†will stand¬†on its own and is scheduled for release in April 2014 for current and next-generation consoles, as well as the PC.
Hopefully Avalanche won’t pull as another ‘GTA’ thing and that Unannounced Sandbox Action Game will hit our platform. But then again, both Avalanche and Square Enix are well known for supporting the PC platform so we can give them the benefit of doubt (at least for now), no?
Stay tuned for more!