New High-Resolution Texture Pack for Doom3 will blow you away

We’ve said it a million times. Textures and lighting are perhaps the most important graphical features for current generation games. So get ready to drool all over the following Doom 3 screenshots, as Wulfen released a new High Resolution Textures Pack for iD Software’s little baby. And they look so damn sexy. You can also view a video after the jump.
Wulfen remade over 500 new textures and now most of the textures are 16-36 times bigger than the original doom 3 textures. The majority of the textures have height maps, so they look really wonderful with parallax occlusion mapping or relief mapping.
Wulfen might release an update at a later date with some more additions. Those interested can download it from here.
Enjoy the following screenshots!

And here is a comparison shot.

Doom 3 texture test1(pom)