New Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.75.14 Released; adds FXAA, performance tweaks and color grading

The Community Patch Team of Gothic 3 has released a new update for Piranha Bytes’ old gem. This new update adds FXAA support, color grading, and various performance tweaks. According to the team, savegames of the 1.75.12 Version (Gothic Complete Edition and Gothic 3: Gold Enhanced Edition) can be used. However, savegames from older versions (1.74 and older) and ini files of versions 1.74 or older are not compatible with this new version.
In order to avoid possible conflicts, players should also remove all their Gothic 3 mods before installing this patch. Modifications which were released before CP 1.75 are also incompatible with version 1.75.14 (except the texture packs).
We should also note that the installer for the modkit is in the folder ‘ModKit’ in the Gothic 3 installation folder. A guide will also be installed for the ModKit. Modders should install the ModKit in another folder than the Gothic 3 installation folder. Installing it in the G3 installation folder causes errors.
Here is the changelog for Gothic 3 Update v.1.75.14:
+ Performance tweaks.
+ Modkit enclosed as separate installer, incl. short manual & CPT tools.
– Light calculation on vegetation corrected.
– Lightmap issue on some ruin’s walls.
+ Width of ingame menus depends on aspect ratio of the screen resolution (can be switched on or off by GUI.AutoAspect in ge3.ini).
+ Color grading implemented.
– Nvidia 3D Vision issue – sky at wrong depth (can be switched on or off by Render.Nvidia3DVisionFix in ge3.ini).
– “Orc armor” reincluded into the game.
+ “Looting by rightclicking” can be deactivated via ge3.ini (parameter QuickLoot).