New Details Unveiled For ELEX – Open World Action RPG From The Creators Of Risen

In a new interview with German YouTube channel ‘Rocket Beans TV’, Piranha Bytes revealed some new information about its new open world action RPG, ELEX. ELEX will be a third person RPG in a post apocalyptic world where people have different levels of technology. The game is inspired by Star Wars, will let players use a jetback, and targets a Q4 2016 release. You can view all the new information below (thanks NeoGAF for the translation).

  • In development since ~ 1,5 years
  • Third-person RPG like Risen or Gothic
  • Post apocalyptic, people having different levels of technology ( a bit like Horizon)
  • Enemies won’t level with you
  • One big continent instead of Islands like in Risen
  • Going to have of different regions (desert, woods, ice and swamp mentioned)
  • Player is going to have a Jetpack!
  • Every player starts at the same place (in Risen apparently players could start at different Islands, didn’t played the Risen games so I can’t comment on that)
  • Elex is a Substance from space and came to the world because of a meteorite
  • Game plays hundreds of years after crash
  • Elex changed fauna and flora
  • By consuming Elex you get stronger and Magic abilities, But you “degenerate” and Loose Emotion, acting more like machine (acting based on logic, not emotions) than a human being. Elex consumers also have different skin color (white/gray)
  • Wrong usage can result into mutations
  • Thats why Moral System is not simply about whether you are good or bad, instead it’s about whether you are a human or more like machine. Beeing more like machine isn’t necessary a bad and being human a good thing
  • In the word of the game Elex is a wanted resource, you consume it or put in machines ( eg. Jetpack) the Some guild can use it without the side effect and calls it Mana. Elex is essential and you have to youse it in some way
  • Is inspired by Star Wars (by having Fantasy and Sci Fi Elements)
  • Player was someone who heavily consumed Elex, was a commander in a military Group which are Elex users. before the game starts his glider got shots and he lies some were for three weeks, so without Elex he is more human again when the game starts. For the first time he feels Emotions and sees the world different, similar to the Movie Equilibrium
  • Normal people don’t like him because he fought against them when he was part of the military group, but he also have problems to connect with his old group
  • Learning point system is back, which is the system they used in Gothic 1-3 and risen 1
  • Factions will again be very important, and like in gothic 1, they are hostile/unfriendly with each other, they mentioned two of three:
    clerics: high tech religious group but refuse to use elex
    outlaws: mad max like bandits, use cannons and chainswords etc.
  • It will have romancable NPCs
  • Player will have a base
  • Many killable NPCs and stealing and killing pas permanent consequences, as in hostile NPCs (this was one of risen 3s bigger flaws)
  • Target Q4 2016 PC/Xbox One/PS4
gamescom 2015 | Interview mit Piranha Bytes: Elex | 06.08.2015