Monster Hunter World Iceborne feature

New details for the upcoming expansion of Monster Hunter World, Iceborne

Monster Hunter World was and still is a noteworthy success for Capcom. Actually the game is the best selling title Capcom ever published. The game even surpassed games like Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Devil May Cry and this is a huge deal for the company.

The game released on PC seven months later than consoles in order to deliver the best experience. Unfortunately the game was plagued by various issues, however the developers never stopped supporting the game and adding new stuff. As far as I know all the major problems have been fixed, and the special The Witcher 3 event is also available.

According to GameInformer’s interview the developers stated that the expansion will be coming to PC a bit later. They also stated it will take less time this time around so expect it somewhere in the Winter time, probably before Christmas.

I have summarized some of the most important details for you below:

  • New stuff will be added to old areas
  • Fifty percent of the game will take place in the old continent
  • Cutscenes are still un-skippable
  • New Palicoes gadgets
  • Your room will be more customizable this time
  • There will be an armor set that will protect you from the cold
  • You can access the new features from the beginning of the game, but in order to play the new story, you will need to finish the base game story first
  • Players who own Iceborne can still play with other players who don’t
  • No Epic store exclusivity
  • Iceborne will be the last expansion of the game
  • There are planned updates for the expansion

Here you can check out the interview, which as usual is quite hilarious:

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