New Dark Souls 60FPS Unlocker Released; compatible now with GFWL and the latest DSFix versions

Great news for all Dark Souls PC fans, as modder ‘Nwks’ has released a new version of his 60FPS unlocker for From Software’s RPG. This latest version of Dark Souls 60FPS Unlocker will allow you to play Dark Souls at 60 fps while online with Games For Windows Live. Well, that is provided if your PC can handle this game at 60fps.
As the modder suggested, this new version of his unlocker requires .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 to work, so be sure to download it. Moreover – and contrary to the original FPS unlocker – this latest version works fine with Durante’s DSFix 1.1 – 1.4 versions, meaning that you will be able to enjoy SSAO and AA (thanks to the downsampling techniques).
Those interested can download the new version of Dark Souls 60FPS Unlocker from here.
Nwks has also stated that dual-cores and even older models of quad-cores may not be enough to run the game at 60 fps at this stage of the mod. Therefore, here is hoping for further optimizations.
Last but not least, we should note that this is not a perfect patch, and there are bugs in it.  However – and as the modder said – it does enable you to play with Games for Windows Live enabled, something that was what a lot of people wanted to.
Dark Souls - 60fps Mod - How to Install