New Bioshock: Infinite Details – Disc Size, Length, Audio Logs

Bioshock Infinite v2
Irrational Games’ Ken Levine has revealed some new information about the highly anticipated third part in the Bioshock series. According to Levine, Bioshock: Infinite will most probably come on one disc on consoles and on three discs on the PC.
Levine has also clarified that the museum in the Rapture edition will not be a full “level,” exclusive to those who purchased that particular edition. In reality, the museum will simply be an in-engine space where players can view unused art and characters, and nothing more.
Regarding the game’s length, Levine said that the game is on par with first Bioshock game. Or for him at least.
When asked about the presence of those amazing audio logs, Levine responded and confirmed that Bioshock: Infinite will feature such audio logs that can be collected by the players while exploring the environments.
It also seems that Bioshock: Infinite will be more action packed than its predecessors. When a fan asked whether Infinite will focus more on shooting than the first Bioshock game, Levine did not give a clear answer to that. Instead – and in an attempt similar to those of the PR guys – Levine said that both of these games have plenty of shooty.
Bioshock: Infinite is currently planned for a March 26th release, and the PC version will support both DX10 and DX11, as well as a FOV slider!