Another Metroid 2 Remake feature

New Another Metroid 2 Remake update adds new difficulty level & new enemies, fixes glitches and more

Reddit’s gatordile2 has released a new update for the fan remake of Metroid 2, Another Metroid 2 Remake (also known as AM2R). This new patch adds a new difficulty level and some new enemies, fixes various glitches, adds/updates the 8-bit filters and improves some reported lag problems.

Moreover, this latest update for AM2R fixes manual randomizer seed, increases the number of larva Metroids in the lab depending on game difficulty, adds sound for Samus’ ship landing and taking off, adds Menu Options for some settings previously in modifiers.ini file, and fixes some grammar error in the logs.

Those interested can download this latest patch for AM2R from here, and below you can find its complete changelog.

Another Metroid 2 Remake Patch 1.4 Release Notes

  • Added Fusion Difficulty. See explanations.txt file.
  • Fixed glitched Spin Jump under water.
  • Fixed glitch with Screw Attack under water.
  • Changed sprites of certain frozen enemies.
  • Added Menu Options for some settings previously in modifiers.ini file.
  • Fixed glitch with the gallery and starting a new game.
  • Added sound for Samus’ ship landing and taking off.
  • Fixed graphical glitch with Genesis.
  • Fixed graphical issue with background sometimes peeking through.
  • Suit colors are now changeable with palette sheets. See explanations.txt file.
  • Morphball trail colors are changeable in modifiers.ini file.
  • Increased Number of larva Metroids in the lab depending on game difficulty.
  • Added switch to allow pickups from Spike Plants and Metroids in Hard and Fusion difficulty.
  • Hatchling Metroid will now follow X Parasites.
  • Morphball sprite animation can now be altered in modifiers.ini file.
  • Item Acquire music now plays in powerup rooms. This can be turned off in modifiers.ini file.
  • Metroids have a different color Palette in Fusion.
  • Metroids have changeable palette sheets. See explanations.txt file.
  • Fixed displayed health glitch.
  • Fixed wrong doors on Thoth.
  • Fonts updated with extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek. -Doctor-Mak
  • The temperature meter during the escape sequence now expands to fit the text inside.
  • Added Gawron and Ramulken animations.
  • Fixed grammar error in the logs.
  • Fixed glitch where Zeta Metroid appeared as an item on the map.
  • Unknown’s save file editor version 2.6+ works with the randomizer in all versions of AM2R.
  • Added 12 new logs entries. Last entry hidden.
  • Added color coded pipes for easy identification. This can be turned on and off in modifiers.ini file.
  • Added Blob Thrower enemies.
  • Added Septoggs.
  • Added additional helper septoggs for navigation in randomizer modes.
  • Some septoggs can be disabled in modifiers.ini file.
  • Changed Serris health drops.
  • Fixed manual randomizer seed.
  • Modified AM2Random logic.
  • There are no guaranteed item placements anywhere. All swappable items logic has been removed.
  • There should always be a way out of every situation if you’re not properly equipped.
  • Gravity Suit is now in the randomizer pool.
  • Varia suit and Gravity suit damage modifiers are stacked now.
  • Varia suit will half your damage taken. Gravity suit will half your damage taken.
  • If you have Gravity suit and not Varia suit, your damage taken will be the same as Varia suit.
  • D-pad fixed for non-Xbox controllers.
  • GB Filters now turned on/off and cycled through with the F9 button.
  • Bosses are no longer killed by a single Power Bomb.
  • Lag Problems should be improved.
  • Updated Pincher Fly, Halzyn, Mumbo, and Octroll sprites.
  • Save files have been renamed to save1, save2, and save3. 1.2+ – 1.3.3 save files have not been deleted if they exist.
  • Added/edited 8Bit filters.
  • Ice Beam damage has been modified for random modes.