More hints that Sonic Generations is indeed coming to the PC

After the previous rumors about Sonic Generations coming to PC, new evidence have emerged and suggest that the much anticipated Sonic title will actually get released on the PC, although we currently don’t know whether the PC version will get released alongside the console versions or at a later date.
Both of the following confirmations come directly from SEGA itself, which is awkward since the company hasn’t revealed anything officially for a PC version of Sonic Generatiosn as of yet. SEGA Europe has issued a schedule for their upcoming game releases through 2011 and into 2012 some days ago and Sonic Generations is down for the already known release month of November for PS3, Xbox 360 and…PC. Yeap, you read it right.
Moreover, a fan contacted the SEGA Europe and asked when and for which platforms Sonic Generations will actually get released. SEGA’s representative, Carolina, responded that Sonic Generations will be released on X360, PS3, PC and 3DS. The representative didn’t give any specific dates for these versions however.
All that remains now is an official announcement from SEGA so stay tuned for more!