Monster Hunter World Update 13.50.00 released, PC version now on par with console version

As promised, Capcom released today Update 13.50.00 for Monster Hunter World that brings the PC version on part with the console version. Thus, and starting from this update, all future PC patches will release at the same time as the console versions.

Update 13.50.00 is 800MB in size on the PC and brings two new monsters. These new monsters are the Master Rank Kulve Taroth and the Arch-tempered Namielle.

Moreover, this patch increases the number of weapons that can use the layered weapon feature. It also increases the number of bases/parts for layered weapons. Moreover, it allows players to upgrade and create Appraisal weapons at the Smithy and at the Elder Melder.

It’s also worth noting that this update fixes a number of bugs and gameplay issues. For instance, it fixes an issue where a player would receive a penalty and not be able to enter another player’s room under certain conditions. It also fixes an issue where, under specific conditions, certain monsters would behave unintentionally when beginning a turf war.

Lastly, you can find the complete list of changes and fixes here.

Have fun!