Monster Hunter Online – Beta Footage Unveiled

Monster Hunter Online v2
Monster Hunter Online’s beta phase seems to be underway, as some users have already leaked a number of video from it. One of them is YouTube’s Japanese member ‘Ai Weier Di’ who has posted the following three videos. Powered by Crytek’s CryEngine 3 engine and developed by Capcom, Monster Hunter Online looks quite interesting to say the least. THe game will feature new skills, weapons, moves and maps, as dragons and humans struggle to co-exist. Enjoy and kudos to our reader ‘MandaPanda’ for informing us!
【MHtama】怪物猎人Online(Monster Hunter Online) 首测之狩猎河狸兽(弩炮视角)

【MHtama】怪物猎人Online(Monster Hunter Online) 首测之狩猎黄速龙王(太刀视角)1080P

【MHtama】怪物猎人Online(Monster Hunter Online) 首测之狩猎大怪鸟(太刀视角)1080P