Mods bring full dynamic shadows and shadow striping; new Skyrim ENBSeries released

Remember when Oblvion was announced and Bethesda showcased the amazing dynamic lighting system that would be featured in it? Oh God, you can’t imagine how disappointed I was when I found out that our beloved company had decided to dumb it down. And guess what; Skyrim suffers from the very same thing. Oh yeah, a lot of light sources are don’t cast shadows and as a result of that, most of the interiors look flat. A nice workaround is the implementation of SSAO but lets be honest, a dynamic lighting system should be present in most modern-games.
And it seems that modder ‘PuuLoo’ feels the same as he decided to release a mod that adds more dynamic shadows and realistic lighting in almost all interiors in the game. As a result of that, almost every light will have dynamic shadows and realistic lighting in almost every interior. PuuLoo’s mod is currently only for interiors but the modder promised to release another one for exteriors. Awesome.
On a side note, modder ‘Miral’ has released a mod that fixes the shadow striping caused by lights such as the Breezehome fire pit. Oh, and Boris has released a new beta version of his Skyrim ENBSeries mod that offers awesome performance as the framerate now is almost as vanilla game. Be warned though that Boris has disabled SSAO.
Enjoy the following videos that show off the new dynamic shadows of PuuLoo.
Riverwood - More Dynamic Shadows Mod - CK [HD]

Whiterun - More Dynamic Shadows Mod - Skyrim - CK [HD]