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MKP Ultimate Revitalized 2.0, free Mortal Kombat Mugen game, is now available for download

In December 2019, we informed you about Mortal Kombat Project Ultimate Revitalized Update 1.9. Then, earlier this month, we shared the first trailer the latest version of Mortal Kombat Project. And today, we are happy to report that MKP Ultimate Revitalized 2.0 is now available for download.

In case you weren’t aware of, MKP Ultimate Revitalized 2.0 is a free Mortal Kombat Mugen game. As we’ve already reported, this fan MK game promises to be one of the best MUGEN MK games, and is available for free to everyone. Thus, we strongly suggest downloading it.

According to its creator, MKP Ultimate Revitalized 2.0 features over 100 characters and over 500 stages. Naturally, it also comes with new moves and fatalities. Furthermore, it packs a number of gameplay tweaks and enhancements.

Do note that this special version of Mortal Kombat Project Ultimate may not be compatible with the content updates we’ve previously shared. My guess is that this special version may include some or all of them by default.

Mortal Kombat Project Ultimate Revitalized 2.0 feels and plays like an official 2D Mortal Kombat game. Moreover, it packs a huge roster, multiple fatalities, and one hell of stages. This is easily one of the best MK fan games, so make sure to download it.

You can download this free Mortal Kombat Mugen game from here. Do note that this Mortal Kombat fan game is over 1.5GB in size, and is currently available only on MEGA. Below you can also find a video demonstration of it.

Have fun!

MKP Ultimate Revitalized 2.0 Release | MKA's Livestream #54