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Middle-earth: Shadow of War will have micro-transactions

Monolith has announced that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will feature micro-transactions. As such, gamers will be able to spend real money in order to purchase Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts and Bundles via the game’s Market Place. 

According to the developers, no content in the game will be gated by Gold. As such, players will be able to collect in-game currency in order to unlock everything. Naturally, players will have to grind so it will be interesting to see whether the farming/grinding is in ridiculous levels (so that it can force players to pay with real money in order to unlock things).

Going into more details, Loot chests contain gear of varying rarity and can sometimes boost players’ XP. War chests, on the other hand, reward with new Orc followers of varying rarity. Last but not least, Training Orders can help players customise the Orcs in their command.

In order to unlock Loot chests, players will have to use the in-game currency (Gold + Mirian). Mirian is a form of in-game currency that players earn by playing the game. On the other hand, Gold is a form of in-game currency awarded in small amounts at specific milestones and for participating in community challenges.

Monolith concludes that Gold will not give players any advantage over other players, and that a player who invests enough time can progress the same amount and have access to the same content as a player who purchases Gold.