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Microsoft Flight Simulator has already sold one million copies on the PC

Asobo Studio has announced that Microsoft Flight simulator has already sold over one million copies on the PC. Do note that this number is for sold copies, not for those that have played the game. So yeah, this number does not include the Xbox GamePass users.

As Asobo’s CEO told MadInfinite:

“We have already sold more than a million copies of Flight Simulator, and it should sell even more due to the very good feedback we received.”

Asobo promises to support Microsoft Flight Simulator for 10 years. From what we know, the team is currently testing a VR build for this flight sim game. Moreover, Asobo may implement a DX12 renderer and Ray Tracing effects in the future.

It’s also worth noting that the previous update for Microsoft Flight Simulator brought some CPU and GPU performance improvements. Furthermore, the team plans to release a major update that will overhaul Japanese areas.

Lastly, Asobo’s CEO stated that his team is working on two projects; one with Focus Home Interactive and another with Microsoft. Focus Home Interactive published Asobo’s previous game,
A Plague Tale: Innocence.