Microsoft and Epic Games respond to Gears Of War 3’s leak

After the recent leak of Gears Of War 3, Microsoft and Epic Games decided to come forth and respond. According to the companies, the leaked version does not represent the final build of the game. Which is pretty much what we’ve all known so far but does the eager console gamers care about this fact? Obviously, all they want is to play the game, whether it’s bugged or not.
As Microsoft’s┬ástatement reads:
“We have seen the reports of Gears of War 3 content being propped on the Web and working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation.
This content is not from a final build and is not representative of what fans will enjoy when the game launches worldwide on September 20, 2011.”
So there you have it. The game was leaked almost 3 months before release. Ouch Epic!