Miasmata looks gorgeous – New indie open-world exploration and survival FPS – First Trailer

Joe and Bob Johnson are developing an amazing indie PC game called ‘Miasmata.’ Miasmata is said to be a first person open-world game with focus on exploration and survival, and the team has released its first trailer. Miasmata is powered by the MILO Engine, a brand new engine and tool-chain that is written from scratch by Joe himself. It is state of the art, featuring outstanding lighting/shader effects and innovative real-time simulations. Some of the unique features include: voxel-based volumetric clouds, advanced water reflection and refraction, volumetric lightshafts and atmospheric scattering simulations. Now I know, some of you might say that the creature’s animations are awful. And you’ll be right, no doubt about that. However, keep in mind that everything you are about to see is created by two single persons. Now that’s damn impressive. Enjoy!
Miasmata - Long Trailer 1