Metro: Exodus will look great on low-end GPUs, but will also push high-end GPUs to their limits

In an interview with PCGamer, the co-founder of 4A Games, Andriy “Prof” Prokhorov, stated that while Metro: Exodus will run and look great on low-end graphics cards, it will also push all high-end GPUs to their limits.

As Prokhorov told PCGamer:

“The platforms that we support, we target the strengths of each platform and utilize them to the max and so the case of PC is that we try to make sure that if you have a lower end card that’s within our specification, it’ll still work and will still play and look great. If you have that high end max, ridiculous video card—we’ll blow it up. We’ll still push it to its limits. That’s always a priority for us.”

The E3 2017 demo of Metro: Exodus was running on the PC. And while there were some ‘special’ touches to it, 4A Games claimed that the final game will look similar to it.

Metro: Exodus is powered by 4A Engine and will be released on the PC in 2018!