Merc Elite Promises To Enhance MOBA Games, Enters Closed Beta Phase

Merc Elite
Bigpoint announced that its new MOBA title, Merc Elite, will enter closed beta today. Merc Elite is said to be the world’s first military-themed MOBA game, and will be released as a free-to-play title in summer 2013. To coincide with the launch of the invite-only test phase, Bigpoint is also releasing the first Merc Elite video, which provides a glimpse into the game mechanics.
Merc Elite is a team-based, PvP, strategic shooter that delivers spectacular action in a cutting-edge game world set in the near future. The game features a novel direct-fire combat system that enables players to simply point and click to fire at any target, which provides them with increased control and precision in combat.
Moreover, varied battlefields offer a multitude of strategic cover options to minimize enemy fire and the refined line of sight feature allows players to explore the terrain, while staying out of enemy view.
Merc Elite promises to deliver exciting, tense, relentless action in 5v5 online battles; where players can unlock advanced military weapons, train new skills, and hire powerful new mercenaries by directing their team to victory.
Players can choose from five different character classes: Recon, Tactician, Assault, Heavy Gunner or the Juggernaut. Each class contains a unique skillset that players can employ to successfully complete strategic operations in a series of rapid-succession battles.
The game is aimed at MOBA players looking for a new challenge in an entirely unique game setting, and shooter fans looking for innovative new gameplay. Needless to say that it is a free-to-play title. Contrary to other F2P games though, this one is built on Unity Web Player technology, meaning that it does not require any client installation or download.