Marvel Games’ VP Bill Rosemann debunks recent rumors about a new Daredevil game

A rumor surfaced yesterday, suggesting that a new Marvel Daredevil game may be under development. However, Marvel’s VP Bill Rosemann has debunked that rumor, stating that there isn’t currently any Daredevil game in development.

This rumor started when Bill called Troy Baker “a man without fear”. Naturally, some media assumed that this was a hint about a new Daredevil game. However, that’s not the case.

If I recall correctly, the last Daredevil game we got was the Daredevil game for Game Boy Advance in 2003. That game was a tie-in to the live-action 2003 film, starring Ben Affleck.

But anyway, unfortunately there isn’t any new Daredevil game. Which could be good news for PC gamers. After all, the latest Spiderman game was exclusive to PS4.

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