Lucent Heart – Closed beta opens today

Gamania Digital Entertainment announced today the beginning of Lucent Heart’s closed beta phase. This latest closed beta phase will last till June 20th and sports some interesting social features. Some of them are the Formula Alpaca Grand Prix Series, You:Tubed, Super Smootch and Horde events.
Furthermore, the game features the Facebook Zodiac Matchmaker application in order to find friends that would be good to battle or socialise with in-game. Gamania Digitial Entertainment tried to socialize their game as much as they could and seems they’ve partially succeeded it.
Last but not least, players will have the chance to keep all of their in-game characters, relationships, items, skills, equipment and rewards. On June 19th, there will be a final ‘horde event’. If players succeed in vanquishing this final horde, Gamania will cancel the planned CBT data wipe.
Those interested can visit the game’s official website.