Lords Of The Fallen Dev Responds To Early Previews Criticism & Offers Answers On Various Questions

A lot of previews popped up recently about Lords of the Fallen and since reviewers/previewers expressed a number of annoyances regarding CI Games’ upcoming action RPG, the team behind it felt the need to address most of them.

According to CI Games’ developer – we assume it is Tomasz Gop, really puzzled why CI Games did not reveal who was giving the answers – the main characters’ movement will rely heavily on his/her weight. For example, heavy weighted characters won’t be able to roll as quickly as those with less weight.

Your character’s weight, however, will not have an impact on how you can use weapons. Instead, its weapon has its own abilities and characteristics, meaning that a heavy weighted character will be able to deliver quick strikes while using light weapons. In short, the movement speed of the weapons is completely independent from the movement speed.

CI Games’ developer also explained the differences between Gauntlets and Spells. In Lords of the Fallen, Gauntlets are basically magically ranged weapons whereas Spells are class-type magic and supernatural powers.

Regarding the Death and Difficulty systems. In Lords of the Fallen, players can earn back their experience points once they have died. However, your Ghost at some point will start leaking the experience points. The time that it takes before your Ghost starts leaking the experience depends on the amount of the experience multiplier you had. So the higher your experience multiplier, the longer it takes for your Ghost to leak your experience.

As with most titles, Lords of the Fallen will also offer audio logs (which are around 80) that will give players more info about the world itself.

Last but not least, CI Games’ developer claimed that it will take around 12-15 hours to finish Lords of the Fallen if players stick to its main plot, and 50 hours if players want to explore the game world and finish various side quests.

Lords of the Fallen releases October 31st.


Developer responds to early previews