Lineage II; Free-to-play European Version Enters Open Beta

Innova announced today the open beta launch for its new free-to-play European service for Lineage II, that comes complete with dedicated English language servers and the game’s biggest content expansion to date, Goddess of Destruction. Registration is now open at its official website, and all the latest information about Lineage II and Goddess of Destruction can be found there in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Turkish.
The Goddess of Destruction update ushers in a new era for Lineage II, with improved graphics, 4x faster levelling and character advancement, eight new specialized classes, fearsome and challenging new bosses, unexplored zones and much more – a revamped world and over 400 hours of brand new gameplay are now available in one of the world’s most successful competitive MMORPGs, all unrestricted and completely free.
Innova has also confirmed their plans to release localized versions of Lineage II, with a complete service offering including native language player support and community management.
Gevork Sarkisyan, CEO of Innova said:
“Lineage II is already played and loved by millions across the world, and with our free-to-play service many more will be able to discover Lineage II at its very best withGoddess of Destruction. Our challenge is to provide Europe with the best quality gaming experience, tailored to the needs of each territory, completely free to play.”
The first two localized versions are planned for release early next year.