Let’s Sing Now Available On The PC

Lets Sing

Oh I know some of you will be excited with this release. Voxler Games, a musical games specialist, has officially released Let’s Sing, the first karaoke game for PC today. Let’s Sing PC features lots of stars such as Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Lana del Rey, Flo Rida, Bruno Mars, Avril Lavigne, LMFAO and many others.

Let’s Sing PC supports two players in one PC as you can plug in two mics at the same time. In addition, the game comes with built-in voice recognition feature that – according to its press release – will allow everyone to have fun and improve their singing skills.

Let’s Sing PC features:

-Playlist featuring 40 of the most recent hits by major artists and their official music videos
-Sing duos by plugging in two mikes simultaneously (USB and/or compatible audio jack inlet for consoles and PC)
-High performance built-in voice recognition
-Share your performances on Facebook