League of Legends – Preseason Balance Update 2 Patch Preview

League of Legends v2
RIOT Games has released a new video for League of Legends, in which the developer highlights the changes to Rengar, Lee Sin, Talon, Riven, and the jungle. We’ve also included below the general changes that will be included in this update. However, if you want to view the complete changelog, you’ll have to visit the game’s official website. Enjoy!
League of Legends Preseason Update 2 Key Notes:


  • Turrets
    • Now prioritize minions in the following order:
      • Player-owned minions (ex: Tibbers, Zyra Plants)
      • Super Minions, Cannon Minions
      • Melee Minions
      • Caster Minions
  • Added keybindings for Self Casting Items
  • Fixed keybinding for Show/Hide HUD
  • Changed the “Ended Killing Spree” chat messages to better indicate that the number shown is the total gold received for the kill
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t send chat messages at end of game
  • Fixed a bug where champions affected by near-sightedness (Graves’s Smokescreen, Nocturne’s ultimate) could attack their team mates
  • The Minimap has been improved:
    • Wards now show special icons on the minimap
    • Players are outlined in blue while recalling
    • Players are outlined in orange while using teleport
  • Teleport is now colored based on enemy/ally team

  • Fixed an issue that was causing player health bars and ultimate indicators in the team UI to update too slowly

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing a legendary item (ex: Runic Bulwark, Blade of the Ruined King) would consume all components of a lower tier instead of just those necessary for the recipe

  • Fixed a rare issue where certain spells (ex: Ezreal’s Mystic Shot) could land an unintentional critical hit

  • Hovering over your attack damage stat will display your champion’s auto attack range

  • You may now unlock the game camera while holding down your mouse button on the minimap

  • Pinging a tower in the basic tutorial will no longer display an unlocalized string

  • The camera snap that occurs when you respawn can be disabled by setting “DisableCameraSnapOnRespawn=1” in Game.cfg

  • You now have a few extra seconds to finish a kill streak if the target is the last member of the team alive

  • Muting a player will now mute that player’s emote sounds

  • Added teammate chat callouts for new items such as Sightstone, Mikael’s Crucible and Ohmwrecker

  • Fixed a bug preventing buff durations from drawing on the target frame

League of Legends - Preseason Balance Update 2 Patch Preview