Launch trailer released for Dynasty Warriors 9

KOEI Tecmo has released the launch trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9. Dynasty Warriors 9 will be the first Dynasty Warriors game with an open-world environment. The game will also introduce a new combat mechanics with the State Combo System. This new system allows players to perform 3 different attack styles: Trigger Attacks, Flow Attacks and Finish Attacks. Each attack deals progressively more damage. Moreover, these attacks aim to create a thrilling and fluid experience unlike any previous entry in the franchise.

Furthermore, the game will feature skirmishes, clashes, special side missions, and larger scale conflicts. These battles range from scouting missions to discover powerful enemy officers, to guerilla actions to subdue messengers and scouts, to outright sabotage on enemy supply troops; success in these combat engagements offer great rewards and have an effect on future battles’ difficulty.

Dynasty Warriors 9 releases tomorrow and KOEI Tecmo has already provided us with a review code, so stay tuned for our initial performance impressions.


Dynasty Warriors 9 - LAUNCH TRAILER