Konami Is Looking Into Bringing Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD To The PC

Castlevania Mirror of Fate
Konami has recently announced that a HD version of Castlevania: Mirror of Fate would be coming on PS3 and X360. Naturally, PC gamers began wondering whether this HD Version would be coming on their platform. Well, we got some good (or bad, depends on how you look such things) news for PC gamers as Konami is currently looking into bringing this HD version on our platform.
When a fan asked Dave Cox whether PC gamers would be getting the complete Castlevania experience, the head of UK Studio at Konami Digital Entertainment and Producer of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Series had this to say:
“No announcement today but we are seriously looking into it.”
This obviously means that Konami might be porting this HD version to the PC. But why is Konami still looking into this? Is the company waiting to see whether Lords Of Shadow is successful on the PC. Apparently not.
When a fan asked whether Konami was waiting to see if the PC version of Lords of Shadow was successful (before announce a possible PC version of Mirror of Fate), Dave Cox had this to say:
“Not the case. We are seeing how we can manage with the people we have and technically what issues we might face”
We don’t know when Konami will announce the PC version of Mirror of Fate, but our guess is that it will – eventually – hit our platform at a later date.
Special thanks to our reader ‘Gianluca Manocchio’ for informing us.
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