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Kojima Productions issues official statement about the recent MGS5 & P.T. rumors

Yesterday, Gameblog published a story in which it was claiming that Kojima used part of MGSV’s budget in order to develop P.T. And today, Kojima Productions has issued an official statement, denying these P.T. rumors.

Let’s take things from the beginning. Gameblog claimed that a small team was developing Silent Hills P.T. in secret. According to the blog, Konami was unaware of its development or even its release date. Not only that, but the blog claimed that Hideo Kojima used part of MGSV’s budget in order to develop it. Gameblog also stated that Kojima worked with Sony to create a shell company in order to publish P.T on PSN while most employees at Konami knew nothing about this.

Apparently those allegations, though, are not true. Kojima Productions has a specific stance on rumors or speculations, and does not comment on them. However, and before things get out of hand, the team felt the need to straighten things out.

According to the official statement, this latest P.T. rumor is false. Kojima did not use a portion of MGS5’s budget in order to develop P.T.

This is the second rumor that Kojima shuts down. In March 2020, a rumor suggested that Sony and Kojima Productions were planning to purchase the Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill IPs. As we reported back then, those rumors were inaccurate. However, Sony may be indeed working on a new Silent Hill game with Konami. Moreover, Sony will not purchase the Silent Hill IP. Instead, Konami will allow Sony to develop a new Silent Hill game for the Playstation.

Rumors suggest that Sony may reveal a new Silent Hill game during its August 2020 event. This Silent Hill game will most likely be exclusive to PS5.

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