King Of Fighters XIII Coming To Steam, PC Trailer Leaked

King Of Fighters XIII
Remember that leaked Steam registry that revealed a bunch of uncofirmed titles that were coming to the PC? Yeah yea, we’re talking about THAT list. One of the games that PC gamers were looking forward to was KOF13. Well, good news everyone as it’s pretty much confirmed that this fighting game will be coming to our platform.
Even though there isn’t any Steam page for it yet, the game’s Steam trailer (that contains the game’s intro) has been leaked and can be viewed here. Do note that this is an official Steam page and not a fake.
From the looks of it, PC gamers will be getting the Special Edition of the game (or at least that’s what we think ‘SE’ stands for) a potentially special Steam Edition.
SNK has not revealed anything official as of yet, but as we’ve stated a while back, a number of players was testing the Steam version of King Of Fighters XIII.
All we have to do, for the time being, is wait for the official announcement which should be coming any minute now!
The King of Fighters XIII (KoF XIII) Steam Edition: trailer