Killing Floor Summer Sideshow Event 2012 Initiated

The Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event is back for a limited time and starts right now. Knowing just how much fun everyone has had with Killing Floor special events, Tripwire could hardly let the Summer pass without celebrating it in true Killing Floor style. So all your favorite Summer Sideshow freaks are back, with the addition of a new map, new achievements, new weapons all for free to anyone that owns the game. Tripwire has also cooked up new playable DLC characters for you and created our craziest trailer to date – think Killing Floor monster truck rally commercial style!
The new free content starts with the map Hellride – a cute little carnival ride through Heaven and Hell only the monsters on this ride are real. The event also brings 5 new weapons for you, also free. For all those of you who like to collect the playable characters, Steampunk Mr Foster can now be unlocked again, but only for the duration of the event. Also included is a brand new DLC pack of 4 playable characters – the Urban Nightmare crew.
On top of that, Tripwire is introducing Harold Lott, a tribute to the whole Loadsamoney generation and bastion of 1980s taste. Not only can you all run around shouting “Money, money, money” in-game – with Harold’s special particle effect, you will be able to leave your own trail of dosh all over the place!
The event runs from 5th July through 23rd July.
Summer Sideshow Event Details:
•Free for everyone that owns Killing Floor – auto downloaded through Steam
•All new level – Hellride – experience heaven and hell as you follow the course of this doomed carnival ride
•All creatures in game replaced with freak-shows themed monsters including Pukey the Clown and his side-kick, the Fleshclown
•16 new Summer Sideshow achievements return only for the duration of the event
•9 All new achievements added
•5 new official weapons – the IJC community weapon pack has been polished up and made an official part of the game
•“Steampunk Mr Foster” playable character Unlockable again for the duration of the event
•New DLC Character Pack – “Urban Nightmare”
Killing Floor Summer Sideshow 2012 Trailer