Killing Floor 2 – NVIDIA GameWorks Features Revealed

NVIDIA today revealed the GameWorks graphical features that will be supported in Tripwire’s upcoming zombie title, Killing Floor 2. Killing Floor 2 will support NVIDIA’s HBAO+, NVIDIA’s Motion Blur D3D Advanced Sample and PhysX Flex.

In addition, Killing Floor 2 will feature Sub-Surface Scattering based on Jorge Jiminez’s Screen Space Sub-Surface Scattering , Bloom Effects similar to those used by Martin Mittring in Epic Games’ Elemental Demo, Depth of Field and Screen Space Reflections.

What’s really interesting here is that Tripwire’s Screen Space Reflections are being calculated by the GPU alone. As we said in our Shadow Warrior PC Performance Analysis, a game that used Screen Space Reflections extensively, those reflections had a huge performance hit on the CPU. And NVIDIA explained why this was happening (as well as why Tripwire’s approach is different from the traditional one).

“In the past, achieving this level of reflective detail was difficult because each reflector required the scene to be re-rendered, inflating CPU draw calls and severely impacting performance. As a result, developers switched to less intensive, less realistic techniques with limited reflective properties. Tripwire Interactive’s solution, however, sees SSR run entirely on the GPU, reducing the performance impact greatly”