Jagged Alliance Online – Beta Phase Ends, Launch Trailer Released

Developer Cliffhanger Productions and Publisher gamigo have announced that the beta testing of the turn-based strategy hit Jagged Alliance Online has come to an end. Lots of new features have been integrated in the previous months and the balance of the game has been constantly improved to fulfill the ambitious quality expectations.
Patrick Streppel, Member of the Executive Board at gamigo, said:
“Jagged Alliance is one of the oldest brands with the most loyal, and most critical, fan base. Together with the developers, we have put a huge amount of effort to get the best performance possible in a browser. It pleases me to see that the long open beta testing of more than 6 months has well and truly paid off. We really wanted to avoid releasing an unfinished game and this has worked out brilliantly for all involved.”
Lots of new features have been added to Jagged Alliance Online for the end of the beta testing:
•Warzones: Special contracts which are only available for a certain period of time and consist of a number of missions. Whoever has the most points when time runs out can look forward to a good horde of loot. Further rewards include cash, experience, and domination points.
•Crafting: With the new crafting system players can now adjust their own weaponry and equipment to suit their needs. Visors, grips, and silencers, among other items, can be obtained in missions or created by you.
•Alliances: Players can found alliances to have fun together.
•Re-skill: Often demanded, now integrated into the game. Mercenaries can now be reset to level 1 in order to redistribute all points earned.
•In mission shop: With this feature players can now purchase vital items during a mission.
A completely redesigned website properly rounds of the start to Jagged Alliance Online.
Jagged Alliance Online - Launch Trailer - Strategy Browser Game