Jagged Alliance: Flashback’s Kickstarter Hits Its Goal

Jagged Alliance Flashback
Full Control today announced that the Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of Jagged Alliance: Flashback has been successful. Over the 30 day campaign Full Control raised 105% of their funding goal with a total amount of $368,614 from 7,167 backers. With an additional $12,000 raised through Paypal the total funds raised for Jagged Alliance: Flashback was over $380,000. Full development for Jagged Alliance: Flashback will begin later in 2013 with release set for late 2014.
Thomas Lund, CEO of Full Control said:
“Wow, what a campaign! we’ve been blown away by the community’s feedback and faith in the Full Control team with what is a sacred, beloved franchise to many. We are now looking forward to turning this concept into reality and beginning pre-production – as well as engaging with the community and asking for their ideas and feedback to shape the Jagged Alliance: Flashback.”
With funding reaching $380,000 the campaign met its first stretch goal of $375,000, and will now include the Mountains, Mines and Pits themed zone. The funding campaign is not over yet as Full Control are keeping the door open for fans who want to contribute to the campaign in order to meet stretch goals. Those interested can contribute to this campaign by visiting its official website.
Set in the late-1980’s on the fictional Caribbean Island of San Christobal, Jagged Alliance: Flashback transports players back in time to the cold war era. The island will hold many hidden secrets, humorous stories and hostile environments, which makes a perfect setting for a fun and challenging game with lots of twists and turns.
Gameplay features will emphasize the core pillars that made the original games great: deep strategy, thrilling action and character RPG elements. The Kickstarter campaign gives the fans the opportunity to determine the scope and scale of Jagged Alliance: Flashback, directly influence the shape of the game and participate during its development.
In other news, our friends over at PCGamesHardware interviewed Full Control’s CEO, Thomas Lund, who claimed that 350K is just the bare minimum and that the game will be smaller than it might be.
“Basically in the 350.000$ were the most important features included but we communicated that a bit… weird. Everything above that would just have led to a more advanced feature-set (and more content of course).”
Moreover, Lund revealed that people misunderstood that statement.
“When we said “this is just the bare minimum for the core parts of the game” many people got it wrong, which of course is a communication problem from our side. People understood that they’d get something like 5 hours of gameplay with a reduced feature-set, which just isn’t the case in any way. I don’t know yet how long it will take to play through the game, but I guess it’s somewhere around 20 hours or more (pretty hard to predict due to the fact that we’re in pre-production).”