Jagged Alliance 2 Veteran Joins the Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter Team

Jagged Alliance Flashback
Full Control, a Danish development studio currently running the Kickstarter to make a Jagged Alliance: Flashback, a prequel to the Jagged Alliance series, today announced that Chris Camfield has joined the advisory board for their project. Chris was responsible for co-designing and implementing the classic Jagged Alliance 2 games, as well as leading design in the unreleased Jagged Alliance 3.
Additionally, Full Control has established an advisory team of community modders to advise and co-design the modding support options for Flashback. Currently this team includes R@S, creator of the Blue Sun Mod for 7.62 – High Calibre and DepressivesBrot from the 1.13-Crew. Full Control is in active talks with additional high profile modders to expand the advisory team even more.
Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO of Full Control said:
“We are extremely excited to have Chris on board as an advisor. He is able to not only answer how things were implemented, but why. We are able to get a much deeper understanding of the inner workings of Jagged Alliance 2 in addition to the insights that Chris and the Sir-tech team had during development on Jagged Alliance 3. And now in actively collaborating with established modders we’re making sure that Flashback will support modding from day 1 in the best possible way.”
The Kickstarter for Jagged Alliance: Flashback runs to the 23rd of May and has currently reached close to $150,000, which is approximately 43% of the funding goal. Once the $200,000 mark is reached, stretch goals will be revealed to show current and potential backers what could become a part of Jagged Alliance: Flashback if the target funding goal is surpassed.