Is Blizzard hinting to an August 16th Beta Release for Diablo 3?

So we’ve all heard the rumors that the highly anticipated beta phase of Diablo 3 might start on August 16th. And there wouldn’t be any reason to pay attention to those rumors if Blizzard themselves didn’t include a small paragraph that intriqued our interest and hints to a possible beta release date. And get this right, this paragraph is located at the company’s official site.
So Diablo fans, head over to Blizzard’s Official Website and scroll down all the way. If you do so, you will find this message:
“As a side note, any rumors you may have heard about a gate to Diablo’s Burning Hells opening in Cologne are completely unfounded. Seriously, nothing is happening at Rudolfplatz from the evening of August 16 — especially nothing to do with demonic invasions.”
Now if those rumors weren’t true, Blizzard wouldn’t have any reason at all to state something like that. Seriously, we’ve all heard Activision’s/Blizzard’s conference where they didn’t reveal any specific release date for their beta. So this is either a secret message to all Diablo 3 fans or a needless clarification from the company.
So, as always, take it with a grain of salt!