Iron Grip: Marauders – New Regions Announced

ISOTX today presented a new territory for its strategy based browser game Iron Grip: Marauders. The province will be called the Walker Boneyard, and it will expand the game’s current gameplay in a unique way. The Walker Boneyard is the first one of many new levels scheduled for introduction to the game in the coming months.
As the name suggest, this desolate region acts as a massive scrapyard for Walker units. Due to its remote location, marauder groups can fight each other over these terrifying Walker carcasses, without too much opposition from local authorities. Players should be on their guard, because surviving in this extremely tough and hostile environment is not going to be easy…

Vincent van Geel, Chief Development Officer at ISOTX said:
“The introduction of the Walker Boneyard will add a huge chunk of new content to the game. It’s more than just a new place to get missions; core parts of the game are being expanded here. It is a clear demonstration to our fans and everyone else that the Iron Grip Universe has a lot more in store for them.”
By unlocking the Walker Boneyard area, many additional possibilities will become open to players. In addition to several region bound quests, there will of course be some colossal new Walker models, characteristic to this territory. They will form part of a fresh set of graphics giving players exciting new landscapes to battle over.