ION Storm’s classic RPG ‘Anachronox’ hits Good Old Games

Okay PC old-school gamers, this is something special for you. ION Storm’s outstanding RPG that was based on the Quake 2 engine, Anachronox is now available on Good Old Games. Anachronox is charming, intelligent, witty, fun, and entertaining from the very first minute you start until the final lovingly-crafted moments of the engaging story.
The game is not simply an RPG: it combines Japanese-style elements (like fairly linear story, cinematic direction, and turn-based non-random battles) with Western-like side quests, dialogues, and sense of humor, mixing in some puzzles and a story straight from an adventure game for good measure. Yes, the game was known to be kind of buggy at launch, but a pair of official patches and a later pair of fan-made patches have taken care of that and you can play it with virtually no issues. The most important thing is that the story flows like an entertaining novel–light-hearted, bizarre, and humorous, but at the same time the gameplay is addictive and challenging.
Anachronox is priced at $5.99 and features 50+ hour long adventure with a huge world to explore with many secrets to discover and mysteries to solve.
Those interested can purchase it from here.