IO Interactive is already working on the next Hitman game, is “well underway”

IO Interactive has confirmed that the next Hitman game is under development, and it’s well underway. IO Interactive is currently increasing the dev team for this next Hitman game, which will be most likely Hitman 3.

As the team stated on Hitman 2’s November 2018 roadmap:

“After 13 months of full-time support and content for Hitman 2 we’re now at a place where we are looking increasingly to the future. In real terms, we’re moving more and more of the Hitman 2 team to join the next Hitman game, which is well underway.”

So there you have it; there will be a new Hitman game from IO Interactive. However, it will be interesting to see whether this will be a cross-gen title or not. It will also be interesting to see when the team will officially unveil it. Since the game is well underway, a VGA 2019 announcement could be possible.

Stay tuned for more!